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Closing the Gap in Management™

Ten Weeks to Refocus, Rebalance & Retool How You Manage


Closing the Gap offers a new perspective on management and on how you participate in your role as manager.  Our intention is to support you in transforming the way you manage by helping you refocus, rebalance and retool your approach to managing.  Our hope is that as you shift how you are as a manager, you will see ways to apply these new tools and skills to other roles in your life as well.  As such, this workbook is an introduction to a much larger process:  the process of managing your life. 

–From the Introduction of Closing the Gap in Management™

by Cindy Reinhardt and Lynn Staczek–        

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Closing the Gap in Management™ Teleprogram includes:

* Ten 55 minute weekly Teleprogram Sessions
* Executive Coaching Summary of Each Session’s Notes.
* 178 page Workbook for the course
* Concepts, Tools, Distinctions & Fieldwork Application between Sessions

* Unlimited Email Coaching (Monday-Friday) 


What you can expect:
On your journey, you'll refocus, rebalance and retool how you manage, supervise and lead your team.  You’ll examine your beliefs about management, who you are as a manager, what’s missing for you, how to close gaps, how to shift from blame to responsibility, how to objectively evaluate risk, and how to identify the results and the reward for taking responsibility. Then you'll become the ‘go to’ person in effectively leveraging gaps.



Topics to be explored:

► Week 1 Objectives:

      Examine beliefs about management, how you can become a management victim and what a gap is/is not.

► Week 2 Objectives:

      Identify the roles you play, how you are in those roles, how roles create gaps, and how to close gaps.

► Week 3 Objectives:

     Show that who you are is not separate from any of your roles, especially your role as manager.

► Week 4 Objectives:

     Clarify the process of identifying gaps and the possibilities resulting from those gaps.

► Week 5 Objectives:

     Selection of tools in closing gaps while recognizing the value that obstacles bring to any process.

► Week 6 Objectives:

     Learn new skills for going past communicating to relating.

► Week 7 Objectives:

     Define what you are responsible for ... including a new formula for responsibility.

► Week 8 Objectives:

     Review the risks of taking responsibility and learn to objectively evaluate decision-making risk.

► Week 9 Objectives:

     Name the results and the rewards when you take responsibility for the quality of your work and life.

► Week 10 Objectives:

     Support in integrating the tools and concepts of previous weeks and help in defining what’s next for you.


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You’ll finish the program with …

       (a)  a fresh perspective on your role as a manager, supervisor or leader,

       (b)  a clearer sense of responsibility for changing what’s not working,

       (c)  and skills and tools for aligning work, people, and results with value. 



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