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Leading Your Focus:

Practicing Your Highest Potential


 “You are capable of deciding your own destiny. The question is, 'Which part will you choose?' This is something only you can decide. I dare you to do better.” 


-Start Trek 2009




 The Practicing Your Highest Potential 8 month  program includes:
 *   Two 55 minute Teleprogram Sessions every month.
 *   Tele-session recordings.
 *   Unlimited email coaching one Saturday per month (8-5)
 *   Requires purchase of Magicians Way.



Using the books The Magicians Way and Trusting Yourself
we'll explore:
►    Becoming skilled at the 7 secrets of Magic (Focus)
►    Learning how to stop feeling overwhelmed and live with less effort.
►    Identifying challenges and obstacles in your way.
►    Taking stock of where you are now and where you'd like to be.
►    Creating a compelling vision.
►    Acknowledging and addressing how things occur for you.
►    Putting high pay off activities first.
►    Making what's important to you a priority.
►    Determining what actions you need to take to set your priorities.
►    Clarifying what you want to create.
►    Balancing or juggling versus consciously choosing






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