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This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be
-Joseph Campbell


Leading Yourself Programs

What if you could design executive presence and performance to activate effective self-management and authentic power? Individual Executive Coaching 

Imagine exercising and modeling choice with others in a way that positively influences every situation. Empowering Self-Mastery: The Choice vs. Change System 

We spend a lot of our time working, it is wise to ensure that our highest values and priorities are being served through a fulfilling livelihood. Drafting Your "Dream" Work Owner's Manual

Learn a new perspective on management and on how you participate in your role as manager. Closing the Gap in Management,10 Weeks to Refocus, Rebalance & Retool How You Manage

Have you ever wondered about the link between emotional intelligence and productivity and effectiveness? Practicing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace.

What would be different if, instead of being at the mercy of circumstances and conditions, you consciously take leadership of your time, energy and possibilities now? Practicing Your Highest Potential

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What is a Teleprogram?

A Teleprogram is a way of learning and training on a variety of professional issues using teleconferencing systems. No special equipment is required. Dial in using a telephone to a pre-assigned phone number at a designated time.

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Teleprogram Advantages:

Teleprograms are fun, simple, and hassle free! You save on driving, fuel, parking costs and time.

A medium for discussing challenging self-leadership issues. You get the synergy of like-minded connection and shared wisdom with anonymity.

Improve listening and learning skills. Because there are fewer distractions, your learning is more focused and can be put into practical application immediately.

Time to focus on you and your future. You receive resources, training, exploration, inspiration and support without ever leaving your home or office.

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