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Leading Yourself One-On-One Executive Coaching Program


Leading Yourself One-on-One Executive Coaching is the process of influencing yourself with integrity.  As an executive with unique needs and requirements, the program is customized and tailored to you. We work together to design executive presence and performance in a way that activates your effective self-management and authentic power


"To master one's self, is the greatest mastery."- Seneca



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"I never cease to be amazed
at the power of the coaching process
to draw out the skills or talent
that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way
to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable."
- John Russell, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson


During our coaching sessions:  

  • We begin by strengthening your relationship with yourself.
  • We clarify who you are and what you do best.
  • Together we align your desired result with your beliefs, expectations and actions to create a sustainable foundation for actualizing results.
  • We redesign your work, leveraging areas that foster greater results, and generate more income and satisfaction.
  • We carefully review your situation and uncover the issues you are facing in leading yourself. 
  • We discuss the challenges or limitations that get in the way of your success and brainstorm break through strategies.
  • Together we explore ideas, distinctions, resources and possibilities.  
  • You commit to taking specific actions that you design to acquire the skills or resources you need for success.
  • You become an expert observer of your actions via feedback in the form of interactions and results. 
  • You learn to clarify and reapply your strengths in creative ways. 
  • Weekly you review your triumphs, challenges and where you want more support. 
  • My job is to challenge you to be courageous in being experimental, stretching yourself and applying new approaches.

How does Leading Yourself One-On-One Executive Coaching work?


We work together to create a customized coaching program that fits your unique leadership needs and requirements. Coaching sessions can be conducted by telephone or in person at your location.


Based on your requirements,

Leading Yourself Executive Coaching offers: 



    • Two or Three scheduled telephone sessions per month.
    • Email recaps of our coaching conversations.
    • Unlimited email support between sessions.
    • Face-to-face meetings, if necessary.
    • Brief just-in-time telephone support for any time-sensitive issues you might want to discuss (Monday-Friday).
    • Client shadowing to observe work interactions and performance.
    • Values clarification to identify internal drivers.
    • Access to developmental resources and programs.

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How can I use Leading Yourself

Executive Coaching?


  • Leverage your uniqueness as an uncommon edge.
  • Embrace uncertainty and operate from choice and design.
  • Stop waiting and start reclaiming your fire, focus and purpose!
  • Balance self-esteem and drive with challenge and self-motivation.
  • Convert fear, stress or adversity into self-empowerment.
  • Learn how to transition from survival or chaos to confidence and connection.
  • Use your thoughts, words and actions to creatively self-define.
  • Cultivate influential internal drivers and interpersonal skills.
  • Integrate your livelihood with your life.

While the benefits of coaching vary with you and your situation, here is what you can expect:

  • A confidential sounding board.  An executive coach (not a friend, family member, colleague or competitor) helps you hear and clarify ideas, objectives and strategies before you take action.   
  • A structure for success.  Coaching occurs on a regularly scheduled basis, giving your priorities a solid structure.
  • A way to accelerate progress.  Coaching helps you accelerate progress by leveraging time and energy to get maximum results, and to minimize low payback activities.
  • A strategic change partner.  Even with highly refined abilities, you can be limited by your own assumptions and blind spots.  Coaching provides a second-pair of eyes in defining issues, opportunities, and responses.




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Self-Leadership Starts With Your Self-Investment 


An investment is something you pay for that gives you long-term benefit and added value.  Coaching is an investment you make in yourself or that your employer may want to make in you to create results that matter.


One-on-one coaching fees range from $350 to $2000 per month depending on your individual requirements. I customize your one-on-one coaching program to fit you rather than fit you into some program. I know that you want to get results that matter to you.


Leading Yourself Executive Coaching is not for everybody - it is only for action-oriented leaders and executives who understand that the real power of any tool or instrument is in its use.  The best way to see positive changes in your life is to create them.


What is it like when you feel completely convinced that something is right?  It feels good doesn't it?  Keep that thought uppermost in your mind as you invest in something you really can count on … yourself. 


Contact me and let's get started today!


"When a defining moment comes along,
you can do one of two things: 
Define the moment, or let the moment define you."
- From the movie, The Tin Cup


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