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Why Hire a Leading Yourself Executive Coach

rather than a career or life coach, career counselor, mentor or leadership consultant? 


Many things, but the most important are: 


  1. Self-Leadership is an inside job that starts with developing a powerful relationship with yourself so you can move to the next level in work or life. 


  1. You gain personal insight into where you already naturally lead in your life and what leadership really means to you.


  1. You align vision, values and purpose to amplify personal presence, performance and energy.


  1. You learn the difference between an interest in leadership and a commitment to being a leader.  Leadership is action not just position.


  1. You learn it's less about assessment and more about embracing results in order to innovatively realign to your intended focus in practice.


  1. You shift from managing others to managing yourself with others.


  1. You notice the interpretations or filters you have and the interpretations or filters that have you.


  1. You challenge your mindset so you achieve your capacity rather than just your belief.


  1. You stop settling or tolerating and create momentum so it is easier to get results.


  1. You stop going it alone and gain a strategic change partner.


• Sandy K. Kuehl, CPCC • Leading Yourself Executive Coaching • Contact
            Synergy for liberating your 'natural' leadership edge.

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